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In conjunction with ISC (International Student Centre), Milner has identified some teaching opportunities in Qingdao, China at Best Promise English School and Best Learning English School in Dalian. These long-established schools have multiple campuses and currently have a roster of about 50 foreign teachers from Australia, America, Canada and the UK.

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You can enrol with Milner College or elsewhere to complete your CELTA, with the aim of working in China once completed.

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Why Dalian?

Dalian is a prosperous and modern coastal city with a population in excess of 6 million. It has a distinctive Russian flavour, as it was founded by the Russians in 1898. It was named China’s most liveable city in 2006 and is known for its mild climate and attractive beaches.

Why Qingdao?

Qingdao is a safe, modern, coastal city of more than 9 million people. It is located between Beijing and Shanghai on the Yellow Sea. It’s known for its beer (Tsingtao brewery) – a legacy of 16 years of German occupation. It has also been recognised as China’s most liveable city.

What is the pay like?

  1. From 11000 – 20200 RMB per month (Australian $2500 – $4200 per month, depending on experience and qualifications). This is exclusive of bonuses and you get paid public holidays.
  2. Contract completion bonus
  3. Full attendance bonus; class upgrade bonus; holiday gifts.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation is often included. The school will pay 1000 – 2000 RMB per month for your lodging, usually a small private apartment within 15 minutes walking distance from school. There may be circumstances where you share an apartment with another teacher, but you will have your own private room. If accommodation is not available or you choose to find you own, the school will let you know in advance and give you a monthly 1000 RMB rebate to find your own accommodation. Generally, if accommodation is not included, salaries are higher, and schools will give you a upfront loan so you can find your feet.

How long is the contract?

12 – 15 months.

Teaching hours:

Maximum 25 teaching hours per week (you are entitled to work up to 40 hours per week on a teaching visa). Private lessons are paid well.


3-13 years old. Each class will have a maximum capacity of 12 students.

Living expenses:

Cheaper than Beijing and Shanghai. Average cost of lunch is $4 – $8.

INSURANCE: Health and accident insurance is typically paid for by the school.

AIRFARE: Usually reimbursed by school at completion of contract.

Interview procedure:

After you have done an interview with Milner and passed a CELTA course, there will be an additional (short) interview at the ISC office to introduce yourself. If you are interstate or overseas, the interview will be done online.

Anything else?

You can have visible tattoos! You are required to maintain a neat and tidy appearance at all times.

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