Teacher Preparation Course

Do you want to teach English overseas? Then why not try our short preparation course! Learn the basics in just 4 days! MILNER COLLEGE’S short preparation course will give you with the fundamental skills you need.

Why Milner? We’ve been training teachers for the University of Cambridge CELTA course for the past 30 years. Our TESOL courses are famous too. Hundreds of our graduates all around the world.

Entry is conditional on an informal entry test which shows you speak and write English correctly.

The course is for you if you want to…

  • find a job in Asia, South America, Africa and other places.
  • be well prepared for a longer Recognised course such as CELTA, Trinity, TESOL or CERT IV. CELTA is the gold standard qualification which opens doors to the most rewarding jobs overseas and in Australia.
  • simply deepen and extend your knowledge of the English language.

What will you get out of the course?

  • An awareness of the grammar that underpins our language;
  • An introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet;
  • An exposure to the day-to-day techniques used by experienced teachers.
  • An ability to find grammar answers and teaching material, printed and electronic.

How is Milner’s course different?

  • You’ll observe a skilled teacher in the classroom.
  • Face-to-face personal attention; not just you alone with your screen.
  • 30 years of training teachers of English.

 Your tutor will be a practicing professional with long classroom experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Course graduates receive a Milner College certificate.The Milner name is respected worldwide.

Discount. If you go on to do the CELTA at Milner, you get a $100 discount (plus the Earlybird discount if you register in time.)

Please enquire with us to see if we have any dates booked in the future.

The course

  • 4 days, Mon-Thurs, 6:00 – 9:00pm;
  • 10 hours face to face in a small group;
  • help with on-line follow up.

The fee: $345

Feedback from our CELTA graduates

“… incredibly comprehensive given the time constraints.”

“The teaching was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much from the trainers’ experience.”

“(I liked the) practical nature of the course…”

“The materials are very clear and helpful…”

“Incredibly prepared, I feel very confident, even though I still have to much to learn.”

“I’m glad I did the course at Milner.”

“… the trainers were very supportive, generous with their time and patient.”

“The content was interesting and highly professional.”

“Doing CELTA with Milner was the best decision I’ve made (this year).”

“I feel ready to start my teaching career.”