Choosing Where To Learn English

So you know you want to study English – but have you decided where to study English?

Perth is exactly the right size and offers everything your heart desires. There are the most beautiful uncrowded beaches in Australia (Cottesloe and City Beach), a great nightlife and spectacular scenery. The climate is almost like the Mediterranean.

Nature and urban life exist together in Perth, on Australia’s west coast. Locals soak up more sunny days than in any other Australian city, you can visit nearby Rottnest Island, walk in leafy Kings Park and tour Swan Valley vineyards. For local culture, walk the nearby city of Fremantle’s winding streets and Perth city centre’s museum and gallery precinct.

Perth’s parkland, nearby bush, river and ocean beaches – along with a good public-transport system – allow its people to spread out and enjoy what’s on offer. If you have any questions on Perth or travelling to Perth, you can contact us here.

So you have decided where to learn English. Perth – good choice! The next step is to test what level of English you currently have, to make sure you find the right English school and course.

Milner has created a short multiple choice online test to help assist in determining your English level – this will give you a score out of 50, as well as a grade: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate A, Intermediate B, High Intermediate, Advanced.

Once you have this result, it is much easier to see what type of class to look for. If you get in touch with Milner College, our staff can recommend a course for your level.

Take the short test here to find your level of English.

Milner College has created a checklist for you to ensure you are prepared to travel and learn English in Perth, and have chosen the right school.

  1. Get to know the true price of studying – some English Schools have additional fees, including when you change courses or if you shift holidays.
  2. How many hours of study do you get for your money? Remember, the more in-class time you have studying, the easier and faster it is to improve your English.
  3. Check your fees to see what free extras are included, such as gym or social activities.
  4. Are there affordable accommodation options near to the School?
  5. Are there extra activities you can get involved in during your study? These are great fun and a good way to improve your English outside the classroom.
  6. Can the English school help in finding a job?
  7. Are you able to walk in and talk to the teachers and administrators at any time? Do they respond quickly to your emails?
  8. Is the school well reviewed and well rated by previous students? You can see our Facebook reviews here, and our Google reviews here.

We encourage you to ask these questions of us or any other English School in Australia. See more about Milner here.

We get lots of questions from students – the good news is, that means we have probably heard your question before, and we’re fast to get you an answer!

Perhaps you want to ask someone about:

  • Understanding course costs
  • Finding out what the daily life is like at Milner College
  • Finding a job in Perth
  • Understanding the different courses on offer
  • The best time to start your course
  • How long you should study for

Milner will get you a speedy reply, or even get you in contact with a current or previous student depending on your question.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us here.

Would you like to book in a tour of the College? Just send us an email, or let us know when you arrive. A tour of the College is automatically included on your first day of classes.

Have you finished organising your VISA for studying abroad? Take a look at the government website here for an easy way to see the information you will need for the VISA.

Do you still need to organise accommodation for your stay? You have a range of options, from organising your own place, to staying with a local family, or sharing with other students. For a full list, visit our website page on accommodation.

Milner is located in the City centre, meaning it has great public transport. When arriving, we recommend getting a taxi or Uber from the airport, or we can arrange to pick you up.

Do you need to change the dates of your study? No problem. Just email us here.

Congratulations, you have chosen to study at the oldest family-owned English language school in Australia! A warm welcome from the Milner family.

There is a fabulous cafe at the school, located right next to public transport, and just a step away from the City centre.

Do you know what your first day will be like? The letter of offer that is sent to you includes all the information for your first day of classes. Not sure? Get in touch with Milner, or drop by and ask!

Are you looking for a job? Milner has some useful information here. When you are at Milner, you can chat to our staff about finding a job, and we have a few resources to help you. We can even help check your resume or cover letter.

Are you looking to join a social club? We have sports and social activities throughout the week – just ask us what is going on at the moment!